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Race 3 Review: Salman Khan’s Eid Film Is A Massive Disaster

For those who live under a massive rock of ignorance, Salman Khan’s Race 3 finally hit the theaters. As you might expect, it’s getting a HUGE response at the Indian box office. To give you a perspective, not only the film became the highest opening of 2018, but the film also earned over 100 crores in just three days.

Race 3 trailer

But, if we are to be honest, it was pretty much expected. Salman Khan has a huge stardom in India. People are gonna throw their money to watch even black screen for three hours if their bhai promotes it. Which is all the reason Race 3 replaced Saif Ali Khan with Salman Khan.

That’s the mistake number 1.

The whole reason Race franchise worked and became popular was because of Saif Ali Khan’s acting. And, Abbas Mustan’s direction. Which is also replaced in the film by choreographer turned director Remo D’Souza.

Race 3 trailer

Race 3 is a disaster even on papers. I mean, the movie features a cast of actors who are known to be bad at acting, directing by a choreographer who has not much experience in directing. It just makes no sense. And yet, they went ahead with this project.

Nothing worked for Race 3 before the release. They dropped the trailer which was a disaster. It got made fun of so much on social media. But then they released their songs which also bombed on social media. One of the songs ‘Selfish’ was written by Salman Khan and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

Now that movie has released, it’s getting the most savage reviews ever.

It has become the worst reviewed film of all time and I’m not even exaggerating. None of the media houses have given it a positive review. Even trade analyst, Taran Adarsh, who’s known to give five stars to the worst films gave 2 stars to Race 3. And that’s not all, even Salman Khan fans on Twitter are expressing their disappointment. However, they are targeting Director Remo and Daisy Shah for the failure of the film.

Race 3 trailer

I’d review the film but the movie has no plot and I pretty much slept after 20 mins because dialogues seemed like they were written by amateurs. I mean, it was expected after hearing “Our business is our business, none of your business” dialogue in the trailer. But boy, I was expecting a bad film but Race 3 defied all my expectations to become the worst film ever.

But it doesn’t seem to affect the movie’s business so far. Trade analysts are predicting that the film might make 200 crores at the box office which I won’t be surprised with. I mean, Happy New Year by Farah Khan is the highest grossing film of all time so that tells you something.

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