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Hilarious Replies From King Khan’s Latest ASK SRK Session On Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan is the undisputed king of Bollywood. It is known, it is known.

King Khan is considered the wittiest and funniest celebrity in real life, and it couldn’t be more accurate. acting movies? check. Giving interviews? check. Hosting awards? check. Connecting with fans? check. Celebrities are usually funny and attractive on screen but not SRK, no sir. His charm and humor is not limited to just reel life.

To stay connected with his fans on social media, King Khan does #ASKSRK sessions in which people ask him questions and he tries to answer them personally and honestly. He does this regularly and in his latest session happened last night. He hosted another one of those #AskSRK sessions and as usual, it was hilarious.

1. Someone asked SRK why he keeps mum over important social issues in the country, and he sassed him.

In an interview with AIB, he said that he’s usually misquoted and misunderstood as a result of which his films and those attached to it suffer, which is why he has decided to keep mum and be diplomatic.

2. This dude said he’s a bigger fan of Salman Khan and asked him how he feels about it.

3. He revealed that they are finally dropping a special teaser for Zero on Eid.

4. Someone dreamed about him in which he was expecting a fourth child. Hmm, first of all, dude. Weird.

5. Someone asked him to wish Messi for upcoming FIFA world cup and his reply won hearts.

6. Someone asked him if he feels

7. He gave perfect advice to the girl who feels stuck in her low paying job.

8. How is he so positive. Need.

It’s true, isn’t it? nobody in Bollywood can match his wit.

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