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Zaira Wasim Finally Opens About Her Mental Health On Social Media

Zaira Wasim, the 17 year old talented actor from two of the best Bollywood movies in recent years, Dangal and Secret Superstar, has opened about her mental health on social media.


Four years after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, Zaira Wasim has finally made peace with herself and decided to share it with everyone.

“I’m writing this to (finally) admit and confess that I, for a very long time have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression,” she wrote in a lengthy note. “It’s almost been four years and I’ve always been embarrassed and scared to admit it not only because of the stigma that goes around with the word depression, but most importantly because of always being told that ‘You’re too young to be depressed’ or ‘It’s just a phase'”

She also revealed that during her phase, she struggled with self loathing, nervous breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, starving, daily dosage of medicines. “Now all I remember is losing count of the number of panic attacks, losing count of the number of medicines I’ve had and I’m still having…”

Zaira experienced first panic attack was when she was 12 years old. Another one when she was 14

Dangal actress is now taking a break from social media, work and studies. She is taking time off to figure things out. “I just need a complete break from everything, my social life, my work, school and especially social media. I’m really looking forward to the holy month of Ramadhan as it may be the perfect opportunity to figure things out. Please remember me in your prayers.”

You’re a strong person, Zaira. We all hope you feel better soon. You’re not alone in this.

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