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Ekta Kapoor Talked About Petrol Price Hike & It Confused Everyone

Recently, all the veere’s of upcoming AltBalaji film Veere Di Wedding gathered for a promotional event. Kareena Kapoor to Sonam Ahuja, whole starcast was there along with producer Ekta Kapoor.

Ekta Kapoor

A reporter asked about Ekta Kapoor’s opinion on the drastic fuel price hike across the country. She said: “Even if petrol prices are at its highest, men will take women for drives & in today’s time, women will take men for drives. This isn’t the movie that you’re going to stop watching as at this time you need to spend less on driving & more in theatre.”

ANI shared her answer to the reporter on Twitter and it didn’t go down too well with people. Everyone was left confused by her opinion. “It doesn’t even make sense,” a user tweeted.

As it turns out, Ekta Kapoor was just trying to plug in her movie promotion in the opinion which made it complicated. She was just asking everyone to watch the movie even if petrol price is high. What a wow!

Ekta Kapoor has been a disastrous PR month. First her Twitter battle with world’s greatest youtuber Pewdiepie, and now this. God bless her PR manager!

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